Buddy came to the Valencia County shelter in late July of 2017. Someone had attempted to neuter Buddy at home, and when it went awry, they decided to leave him at the shelter. Lucky for Buddy, the shelter staff knew he needed a rescue to help him recover, and that’s where we came in!

Buddy was placed with one of our foster homes and quickly was able to bounce back! He spent 4 months in his foster home with his 3 foster fur siblings playing, running, and learning.

Buddy was especially fond of his little human foster, who he took naps with throughout the day. Buddy went from having no training, not even a name, to being a pretty well behaved young dog!

In late November, 2017, Buddy found his forever with his family in Jemez Springs, NM. Buddy now has a fur-sister who loves to run and play just as much as he does, a couple of kitty siblings, and two parents who love him like crazy! He gets to chase all kinds of squirrels and go for runs out in the woods while his dad rides their ATV. Yay Buddy!


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