We're so excited you're interested in adopting a rescue dog!


First things first...

**Please note: we do not process applications for inquiries outside the Albuquerque Metro area. Any applications received for residences outside of NM will be automatically deleted. Any applications outside of the Albuquerque Metro area will not be considered. This includes Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Bernalillo, and the immediate surrounding residential areas. **

Viva! does not condone the use of any animal as a "guard" animal. None of our adoptable dogs are "trained" in any way to be a guard dog and no dog coming from Viva will be allowed to be as such. All adopters must be looking for a pet that they wish to have as part of their family.

Viva! does not condone the use of invisible fences, shock-ware, or tie-outs to contain an animal. To be eligible to adopt a Viva! dog, you must have a safe, secure, fully fenced-in yard (if living in a house) or access to a fully fenced play area (if in an apartment).

Our Adoption Process:

Step 1: The first thing to do when considering an adoption is to browse through our currently available pets for one that seems to be a good fit for you. You can find all of our pets HERE.


Step 2: After you think you have found 'the One', fill out our adoption application. You can do that HERE. Once your application has been received and reviewed, we will contact you to answer any questions you may have and possibly set up a meet and greet! All meet & greets are done by appointment with our foster families.


Step 3: If your meet & greet goes well, the next step towards adoption is a home visit with a Viva! representative. This gives us the opportunity to look for anything that could be a possible hazard for you and your new companion. We will address any issues or concerns we may have at this time.


Step 4: If everyone agrees to continue forward after a successful meet & greet and home visit, then everyone fills out an adoption contract. At that time, we will collect the adoption fee and take a photo of you with your new companion. Once the contract is completed, you will begin your 10 day trial adoption period, to ensure that everyone feels at home before the adoption is finalized.

Once the adoption is finalized, you’re an official member of the Viva! family! We are just a phone call or email away to provide support, answer questions, or anything else you may need. We consider all of our adopted dogs and their families a part of ours, and we are here for you both throughout their lifetime. Our commitment to our dogs does not end at adoption.


Adoption Fees:

Our standard adoption fee is $250. Included in this fee are:

Spay or neuter surgery (includes nail trim, dew claw, and umbilical hernia repair if necessary) — Value: $150-$350

Full vaccinations (including a complete series of parvo/distemper, as well as rabies vaccine) — Value: $30-$100 (depending on age)

Deworming & Heartworm test (this includes testing for Lyme disease, erlichia, and anaplasmosis) — Value: $45

Microchip (with lifetime registration) — Value: $30

Please understand that the majority of dogs in our care came to us with no prior veterinary care. All known medical issues with be disclosed and resolved (if able) prior to adoption. Many of our dogs go through training locally while in foster care, which will be disclosed as well. These things are over and above the 'typical' costs listed above. The services above are the bare minimum provided to every dog that comes into our care.


Adopter Requirements:

The dogs in our care deserve the very best, so we want to make extra sure that we are sending them to the absolute best homes possible. Here are our requirements for adopters:
The primary adopter must be 18 years of age or older.

The person adopting dog must remain in compliance with any breed restrictions, whether imposed by your local jurisdiction, rental agreement, home owner's association, or insurance policy.

Viva! pets are expected to live indoors as part of the family- they are not to be penned outdoors.


The person adopting the pet may not have been convicted of any form of animal cruelty, domestic violence, sexual abuse, or child abuse.

The person adopting the pet must remain in compliance with any breed restrictions, regardless of imposing authority.


Viva! does not tolerate the chaining, tethering, or the usage of trolley systems for any of our dogs, no matter the reason or circumstance.


Next Steps...

Do you fulfill all of these requirements? Do you have a prospective new companion in mind? Time to fill out an adoption application!