Hi there, I'm Blaze!

You know all these wildfires going on? Yeah... I’ve been there... for almost a year. A really nice firefighter found me and saved me. He spent a lot of time asking around about me, trying to find my people. I tried to tell him that I didn’t HAVE any people, but he didn’t speak Dog very well, so he brought me back home with him.

But you see, my Hero... he can’t keep me. He’s a very busy Hero, fighting those fires and keeping homes safe. He reached out to the super amazing folks at The Doggie Den to find help for me... and as they say, the rest is history. They asked Viva to find me the best home ever, and they said they absolutely would! So here we are!

I am a big lover. I just want to be around people all the time. Little people are my favorite. Like, small, running around, toddler type people? Those are the best. I like other dogs a lot, too! I like to play chase, and wrestle, and I even learned this cool game called Fetch! So I definitely would like a home with another dog in the family so that I have someone to play with all the time!

I'm still a pretty young guy, despite my size. I'm pretty big and floofy, and goofy, too! But I'm smart. I never go potty inside if I can go outside in time! I'm also really good about being in a crate, it's nice to have my own space! I like to chew on things, like bones and toys, so if I have my own I'll never make a mess. I'm pretty interested in chickens and bunnies, so no small animals for me please! And I'm working really hard on my leash manners, and so far I'm apparently doing really awesome! So I'm making strides in becoming the best dog I can for my forever family!

The only other thing you should know, I need a yard with TALL FENCES. I can jump really high, and I lived alone for a long time, so I like to wander. I just wanna see what's out there, you know? I stayed at a foster home for a little while, but I escaped and gave everyone a heart attack, so I'm back at Doggie Den for now. It's nice here, but I miss having a family around. Do you have space for me to crash at your place for awhile? Or are you looking to adopt? Send in an application to meet me!

Hope to meet you soon, forever family!

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