Hi, I'm Abby!

Can you imagine, being a puppy in the shelter? Scary, right?

Now imagine being adopted. You’re just a wee thing and these humans take you home, name you Abby, and love you lots.

Then, you grow. And you keep growing. Suddenly, they don’t have time for you. You’re a year old and guess where they’re taking you?

Back to the shelter. Yup. It’s even scarier as a one year old dog who has had a home.

Now, the story takes a scary but good turn.

Are you with me?

Imagine sitting in your kennel, scared and alone, wondering where your family is. Along comes a group of strangers who takes you outside and lets you meet another dog. They tell you you’re a good girl, and you are so, so grateful for the attention and love. They tell you that they will be back for you in three sleeps, and that you’re gonna go to prison. You don’t know what prison is, but leaving the shelter sounds good.

Three sleeps pass and sure enough, one of those strangers is at your kennel to take you outside again. This time, you get loaded into a kennel in van, then taken out at the vet. Ahhh! Scary again. More strangers. The nice lady tells you that she’ll be back in two sleeps, to be a good girl, it’s gonna be ok.

Two more sleeps pass and bam! The lady is back! Back into the van you go, and next thing you know you’re getting out in a very strange place. This must be prison.

There are lots of people here, but not many dogs. Just the ones you came with. It’s scary. The floors are shiny and slick, and nothing smells familiar.

Just imagine. That was me three months ago! Scared. To. Death.

Now, though? Not scared at all. I learned about so many things during these last three months. I’m a confident, good girl now. I was always a good girl. I’ll never understand why they didn’t have time for me.

These people say that’s just fine, though. I graduate from the PAWS program on September 11th, and I am accepting applications for my forever home. I mean that- forever and ever this time.

Don’t apply for me if you don’t have time to love me. I get along great with other dogs. I havent been around cats or anything. I’m well trained, and like I said... a good girl.

By the way, my adoption fee is $250, that covers all of my vetting that I got to go into the program.

Hope to meet you soon!

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