Viva! has partnered with the Valencia County Shelter and the Valencia County prison to set dogs and inmates up for future success! 10 adult dogs and puppies will be fostered at the prison where the inmates will learn to train their foster dogs and help them learn skills that will help them be more adoptable to future families. Each inmate and dog in this program is extensively vetted, for everyone's safety. Each cycle of the P.A.W.S. prison program runs for 6 weeks, after which the dogs will be transferred back to Viva!'s care to be adopted out locally or transferred to one of our trusted rescue partners.

This program helps everyone involved- the shelter gets a relief in space by taking these dogs out of their kennels, the dogs not only get to leave the shelter environment to a more home-like situation, but they also receive training that can really make a huge difference in their chances of finding forever, and the inmates receive valuable skills by learning how to properly train and look after the dogs in their care. It's a win-win for everyone!

To see more information about our currently available P.A.W.S. dogs, click on any of the pictures below. Each P.A.W.S. prison dog has an adoption fee of $250. This is to cover the costs incurred with the program itself and includes everything a normal Viva! adoption includes.

Below are our PAWS Prison Graduates who are available for adoption! Click on any of their pictures to find more info on them!


Below is some pictures of our current PAWS Prison dogs who are in training. They will become available for adoption after they complete the program.