Dear Forever Family,

Do you know what a Kelpie is? It’s me! I’m a Kelpie mix and that means I’m super smart, a little stubborn, loyal and friendly. Basically, a bunch of awesome all wrapped up in a big eared dog.

I’m graduating from the PAWS program on December 4th, and I would love to find my forever home right away so that I can be settled in before Christmas comes! I want to make sure I’m HOME for Santa, you know?

I know all the good stuff- sit, shake, down, how to be a good girl on the leash, I am house and crate trained and I love other pups. Playtime is my favorite time.

I need a home with taller fences because rumor has it I’m a nosy girl and I might like to be nosy about what’s going on at the neighbors. I’ve been told that this is quite rude and not safe, but I just can’t help it! What if they’re having fun without me over there?

So, what do you say? Want to meet me after graduation?! Fill out an adoption application ASAP so we can make some plans!

I cannot wait to meet you!