Hi there, I'm Baloo!

No... I'm not a bear but I'll certainly snuggle with you like your favorite teddy bear!
And you know what else? I've got all the "bare necessities" of life going on over here.
You want a dog with manners? Check.
You want a dog who knows some tricks? Check.

I'll high five you and give you loads of kisses (on command, of course!) after a difficult day at work. I'll help you forget about "all your worries and your strife".
You say you are a bike riding enthusiast? Well, wouldn't you know it, I'm trained to run right with you on all your bike riding adventures!

You know us Cattle Dogs are super-smart, I've been told as such! And my person will get all the benefits of my super powered brain, and more importantly, the super big heart that goes with it! Ready for some high-IQ love?

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