Hi there, I'm Amber!

Now, you wouldn't know it by looking at me, but I was once really afraid. I was at this loud, hectic place called the shelter. I stayed in the back of my kennel in a ball because I was so scared. Then these ladies came to the shelter and saw me. They kept talking to me even though I wouldn't move. Then one lady came in and picked me up! They took me outside and told me I was a good girl and that I was going to the PAWS program. I had no idea what that meant but I was glad.


And look at me now!

Hi there, I'm Amber!

I learned lots of good things in the PAWS program. I learned how to walk on a leash nicely, what a crate was, and all my obedience commands. I also learned to socialize and trust people again! And now I love to give people kisses and get petted!

Now I'm looking for my forever home! I can't wait to meet them. I know they're out there!

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